Established in March 2016 by a group of young and innovative startup enthusiasts, Startup Armenia Foundation is one of the key players in the startup ecosystem of Armenia. The main goal of the foundation is to contribute to the development of an innovation-driven, technology-based, and self-sustainable startup ecosystem. The mission of Startup Armenia Foundation is to support startups and founders at all stages of startup development (through ideation to incorporation); to help them to grow; to assist them in finding opportunities for development.To achieve its goals and mission the foundation has initiated a series of projects d esigned to support startups in different stages of development, as well as, periodically organized events, where startups have an opportunity to present their projects, get support from the foundation and integrate to the startup ecosystem.


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  • What is Startup Club?

    Startup Club is an extracurricular educational program, designed to enhance the leadership, business and entrepreneurship skillset of the participants and prompt them to become visionaries by bringing positive change and betterment to their social environment and local community. It is a one-if-a-kind experience that allows the participants to exercise their creativity, work in a team and create their own startups, from scratch, with the help and guidance of experts in design thinking, entrepreneurship and personal development. Startup Club opens the doors to a new, exciting world of limitless possibilities and unbound creative freedom!

  • Why is entrepreneurial thinking and action so important today?

    The modern world is developing in a blink of an eye. To keep up with all the latest discoveries and achievements of modern life, including, but not limited to, Information Technology, business and entrepreneurship, healthcare and social engagement, entertainment and etc., one has to make serious attempts. With such overabundance of opportunities for personal and professional growth, it is increasingly evident, that one needs to offer something fresh and never-been-done-before to attract appropriate audience or target clientele. Thus, flexible entrepreneurial skillset, mindset and spirit is essential in surviving the ever-changing tides of modern world.

  • How can I join the clubs?

    To sign up, click the link below and complete the appropriate forms:

  • Does Startup Club cost anything?

    Startup Club sessions are completely free of charge. Everything the participants will need in the course of the sessions will be provided."

  • Where are the Clubs located?

    We have established Clubs in several Armenian regions, namely Yeghvard, Aparan, Ashtarak, Koti and Aygehovit. You can find the addresses below:'
    Yeghvard – Erevanyan str. 10a, 1st floor
    Aparan – Cultural Center, 2nd floor
    Ashtarak – Kentshaghi Tun, 1st floor,Yerevanyan 47
    Koti – COAF Center, Smart Room
    Aygehovit - COAF Center, Smart Room

  • How is Startup Club financed?

    Startup Club owes its activity to the donations of our partners and thoughtful individuals, who are longing to change the lives of Armenian teenagers, so they can, eventually, change the lives of their own community. Without their generosity and help, this project would have stayed only on paper."

  • How many days a week are the sessions held?

    The sessions take place 2 times a week. The exact schedule for every club can be found here (link).

  • How can I donate to Startup Club?

    Thank you for your decision to support us and our mission. Donations are aimed at the improvement of our educational program, refurbishment of the Clubs, organization of events, site visits and purchase of appropriate materials for both sessions indoors and outdoor activities. You can get familiar with the terms of donation here:


Startup Club aims to deliver a basic understanding of responsible and creative entrepreneurship to 13–17-year-old teenagers to provide a stepping stone for their further personal, professional development and social engagement. We firmly believe that the youth, from regions and the capital alike, should be given the opportunities to design, develop and advance creative and socially-conscious startup solutions that are flexible, result-oriented and serve for others to use and enjoy. Startup Club is all about granting teens access to a world of new developments and connections!



Hakob Hakobyan



Anzhelika Gyulumyan

Program Development Manager


Arsen Harutyunyan

Cofounder / CEO


Sona Martirosyan

Curriculum Development Lead


  • +(374) 44 717172
  • Proshyan 12, Yerevan, Armenia